Chuckie "Styles" Cook

MMA Fighter

Division: Bantamweight (135 lb, 61 kg)

Born: Des Moines, Iowa

Nickname: Chuckie Styles

Height: 5 ft 7 in (67")

Weight: 135 lb

Style: Kickboxing, Wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu

Team: Bad Intentions, Des Moines Iowa

Record: 7-4-0

Title Holder: AFC (Ascendancy Fighting Championship) 135 lb Bantamweight


Chuck Cook Amateur MMA Fight History & Tournaments:

TITLE FIGHT - Midwest Cage Championship MCC 57 - Des Moines, Iowa (Jan 23rd, 2015):
LOSS (1st Round Submission) vs Nate Endres(7-0) - 135 lb TITLE FIGHT (*two week notice)

Brutaal Genesis - Ft. Dodge, Iowa (Dec 20th, 2014):
WIN (Decision) vs Steve Merrill - 135 lb Bantamweight

TITLE FIGHT - AFC (Ascendancy Fighting Championship #4) - Knoxville, Iowa (Nov 26th, 2014):
WIN (1st Round) vs Steven Null (5-3-0) - 135 lb TITLE FIGHT

The Submission Challenge:
1ST PLACE - - Iowa (August 17th, 2014)


TITLE FIGHT - Battle Ground (2010):
WIN (3rd Round RNC) - 135 lb TITLE FIGHT

TITLE FIGHT (2009) - MCC Midwest Cage Championship:
LOSS (1st Round, RNC)

LOSS (1st Round, RNC) (2009)

LOSS vs Chris Lane (Knee Bar) (*two hour notice)

WIN (1st Round RNC) (2009)

WIN (1st Round TKO, 50 sec.) (2009)

WIN (1st Round Arm Bar) - Ft. Dodge, Iowa (2009)

WIN (1st Round RNC) (2009)

MCC 57: In a few short weeks Nate Endres will have the opportunity to test his skills against Chuck Cook when the two meet at MCC 57.... MCC's matchmaker John Halverson: "[Chuck Cook] is tough as nails... so that just makes for an all-around great championship fight." Following a recent opponent swap, the change moved Chuck Cook to the front of the line as a fill in for his injured teammate, Cody Sheehy. Although Cook's style may be different from that of Sheehy's, Endres has learned to adapt in a short amount of time. Endres said, "It doesn't matter who I'm fighting. I'm training under the assumption my opponent is a very well rounded fighter... I have a few tricks up my sleeve for this fight..." Endres noted. -MCC 57 "Schmauss vs. Sessi", Friday, January 23rd at Hy Vee Hall, downtown Des Moines, Iowa.

Cody Sheehy injured; Chuck Cooks replaces for title bout with Endres:
Fortunately, Sheehy's team mate and fellow up and comer, Chuck Cook agreed to take the bout in place of his injured training partner. "Nothing but respect for Chuck Cook," MCC matchmaker John Halverson commented. "There is a difference between a guy who can fight and a fighter. And when situations like these present themselves, as they often do, we always see the real fighters rise to the occasion and accept tough fights." Cook, who has been around the sport for several years, last competed for MCC in 2010. Since re-invigorating his MMA career Cook has picked up wins in a variety of shows. He is ready to test his new found desire to compete against a formidable opponent in the yet to be defeated Nate Endres. Cook will compete alongside another team mate, champion Roy Moore, as he defends his middleweight title against Justen Shannon. Halverson continued, "Team Bad Intentions has really made some waves the last couple years, and it's great to see guys from the same team competing in big fights on the same night. I think it really drives them to prepare for their bouts. It would certainly be a nice feather in (team owner and trainer) Charles Heller's hat to be able to have two championship belts on the wall." If the already talent-rich card wasn't motivation enough for Cook, the promise of a challenge was. "This is all the more reason to train hard," Cook said. "I just like to fight, man. And I would love nothing more than to have that MCC gold around my waist. This title shot means the world to me, and it's been my goal ever since I started competing." Bail Bond Pro's and KGGO present, MCC 57 "Schmauss vs. Sessi", Friday, January 23rd at Hy Vee Hall, downtown Des Moines, Iowa.

Chuck Cook aka "Chuckie Styles" Mixed Martial Arts Cage Fighter:

Chuckie Styles vs Steve Merrill - Brutaal Genesis MMA Fight - 140 lb - December 20, 2014:

Chuckie Styles vs Steven Null - TITLE FIGHT - Ascendancy Fighting Championship - 135 lb - November 26, 2014: